We Make Connected Travel Retail Reality

Our team enables airlines’ to focus on their retail business by providing a flexible Offer and Order Management system to support the migration process towards ONE Order and reduce PSS dependencies.


Take control of your channel distribution strategy and enable a single source of truth for your Offers and Orders.


Reduce overall cost by driving direct and indirect sales to the OMS for a truly Connected Travel Retail experience.


Enable personalised and relevant Offers with rich content and integration of partners for a seamless customer journey.

Full Focus on
Offers and Orders

Our Offer and Order Management solution guarantees a single view of offers and orders with the flexibility of being partly PSS based or not at all.

We bring travel retail to airlines.

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Bring Your Offers to Your Customers

A comprehensive set of Web, API and Mobile ready applications
to deliver a homogenous interface and customer experience across all channels.

Internet Booking

Retail your flights and ancillary offers with your partners' content integrated for a seemless consumer experience.

Order Servicing

Retail to your customers while allowing self-service of Orders. Create new Offers based on existing Orders.

Call Centre

Make your call centre more than just a servicing point, let it be part of your retailing strategy with IVR integrated.

Corporate Booking

Create rewarding retailing programs for your SME's with analytics on travel budget spend and relevant Offers.

Agency Booking

Connect your agents directly to the OMS, enabling the same functionalities and benefits as on your web site.

NDC Level 4
Capable API

Deliver your Offers and enable servicing of Orders to aggregators and TMC's with IATA NDC Level 4 Capable API.

Some of our Out-of-the-box Capabilities

We have developed a flexible and scalable Travel Retail platform, rich of features and capabilities that supports your Travel Retail ambitions today.
Air travel today is no longer just a flight.

Gift Cards

Drive revenue and loyalty with customisable gift cards and vouchers, redeemable at any touchpoint.


Offer subscriptions that boosts loyalty and enhances customer experience.

Message Centre

Implement documents and setup timely messages to keep your customers up to date.

Retail Controls

Use advanced retailing techniques to promote products and services and highlight special offers.


Centralise your customer profiles to allow all touchpoints to leverage customer data.

Content Manager

Control content for all touchpoints to ensure the right actionable information at the right time.

See How We Compare With Other Platforms

Here is a generic summary of your platform options.

  • Air Shopping
  • Air Ancillaries
  • Third-Party Content
  • Shopping basket
  • Relevant Offers
  • User Experience
  • Business Rules
  • Order Management
  • NDC Capable
  • Implementation time
  • ATPCO Fares
  • PSS/ White-label
  • Very Limited
  • PNR
  • Multi year
  • Flexible
  • Flexible
  • Integrated
  • Customised
  • Extensive
  • Orders
  • Months
  • Limited
  • White-label
  • Limited
  • Customised
  • Very Limited
  • Super PNR
  • Yes-ish
  • Years

Find out more about what
we do for Travel Brands

Find out more about what we do for
Travel Brands

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